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Take 3 Girls

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Series 2

Tax Year 2005-2006:

The Da Vinci Code


D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers


Red Mercury

Tax Year 2004-2005:
Love Visa

Nee Kidaital Podum
Take 3 Girls

Tax Year 2003-2004:

King of Bollywood

Cape Karma

Kuch Din Kuch Pal


Take 3 Girls captures the spirit of London's vibrant but dangerous multi-cultural youth music scene and the ties that hold it together - music, clubbing, hopes and dreams. It's about growing up and the redemptive power of family love .

Three girl musicians from different backgrounds are at the heart of the film. Lyla is a beautiful Indian girl with a voice like an angel. Patsy is a tough talking squatter whose DJ skills are second to none. Spot is a rapper with a dark secret. One night Patsy and Spot sneak into an empty warehouse, intent on putting on an illegal rave. The warehouse belongs to Mo, a bankrupt businessman, who hides his financial problems from his wife Romila, still grieving the death of their daughter eight years ago. The police break up the rave and report the incident to Mo, who chooses not to press charges against the girls. They've given him an idea. He'll use money that he's safe-keeping for a friend to finance the conversion of his empty warehouse into London's hippest music club, with the girls as the main attraction. They are the same age Mo and Romila's daughter would have been.

As the film progresses, an unlikely new extended family forms; Mo and Romila help the girls grow up. In turn their grief is healed.

The five central characters provide each other with the support each needs to escape a past of gangsters, violence and life on the edge that threatens to destroy their dream.



Caroline Chikeze (As If, Footballer's Wives)
Charlie Brooks (Eastenders)

Karen David (Batman Begins, Bollywood Queen)

Kabir Bedi (The Bold and the Beautiful, Sandokan, Octopussy)

Soni Razdan (Monsoon Wedding)


Baz Taylor (Midsomer Murders)


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